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Services We Offer
The Basic Visit -
$25.00 per visit
Includes feeding, watering, short walk or outdoor playtime and a quick brushing of your pet (if pet enjoys this activity and is necessary).  I can also bring in your mail, water indoor plants, close/open blinds and turn on/off outdoor lights while you are on vacation if requested.  The base rate includes up to 2 pets per household.
Fidos and Felines Pet Services
The "Ultimate" Visit -
$40.00 per visit
Includes all of the above plus a longer walk or extended playtime. 
Fidos and Felines Pet Services
Overnight Pet/House Sitting -
$125.00 per night
When you are away on vacation, let me care for pets as if you were home. The overnight sitting includes taking puppies out to potty, cleaning litter boxes, feeding and watering, cleaning any messes your pets might have made as well as giving snuggles & cuddles! I will also bring in mail, water plants, open/close blinds and turn on/off lights as directed. Overnight stays are generally from 8/9pm through 6/7am.  Please note that any additional daytime visits required for your pets care are billed separately and not included in the overnight sitting price. *Limited availability so schedule today!

Pet Taxi Service -
$40.00 plus costs
Includes the pick up and drop off of your pet from home to their destination back to your home.  This service is great for the busy client that needs help getting Mr. Fido or Ms. Kitty to the groomer or vet.  All travel charges apply outside the 7 mile radius of our business per trip.
Fidos and Felines Pet Services  Additional Pet Fee -
$3.00 per pet / per visit
I strive to offer services to clients who have big hearts and lots of pets.  Your menagerie of animals will be nurtured and loved during your travels.
Fidos and Felines Pet Services
Additional Holiday Fee -
$10.00 per visit
This fee applies during the following Holidays: Easter Weekend (Sat & Sun) - Memorial Day Weekend (Sat, Sun & Mon) - 4th of July - Labor Day Weekend (Sat, Sun & Mon) - Thanksgiving Holiday (Wed - Sun) - Christmas Eve through New Years (Dec. 23rd - Jan. 2nd) 
Fidos and Felines Pet Services
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